Ok, so I called Sean and had him meet me on the street so I could get a much needed hug. He made me promise to go home and change my mood altering pants. As I was driving home I saw yet another woman out with a beautiful baby in a stroller, but it wasn’t the stroller that caught my eye. She had her little beagle tethered to the stroller and his odd bouncing made me look twice. I thought maybe his leash was tangled since he was really bobbing and weaving in the oddest fashion. When I got closer and could see his beaming face I noticed that he had three legs. So this dog, this little beagle out for a jog and missing a leg was so damn happy it made me take stock: I am not missing any limbs, and in fact I am pretty lucky in that I have really long limbs. If I had short, stubby legs I wouldn’t have pants that were too short, but that’s fixable, short stubby legs, or a missing leg are pretty permanent. Off with the short pants, on with the fun, baby blue skirt.
Just wanted to let it be known that I am giving Thursday a second chance, going to Briar in a much better mood, and most of all, being thankful that I have both of my long legs.