Still humid here. The furniture feels damp, the skin on my face feels like it did in high school for those 2 weeks that I worked at KFC, and things have gone from mildly annoying to “Oh my god would you please knock it off” annoying. Seriously though, the weather needs to change. The skies are threatening right now, the only problem is that none of the storms of the past week have done anything to diminish the oppressive humidity. I wonder if I would look good with a GI Jane type of hairstyle. My hair is a ‘before’ shot no matter what I do to it. Bring on the makeover to get me swiftly to an ‘after’ shot.

Briar is braving the weather like a champ. Despite little red spots and welts on her neck and back she is just plugging along. She was such a ham this morning flipping around on the bed. She loves rolling between us. This morning she actually turned herself so that her head was on Sean’s side and her feet were on my side, we were the Magee family letter “H”.

I don’t have a lot of time to write, but I thought I should put something up in addition to the pictures. Not a lot of rhyme or reason to the pictures, just, well, you know – “My baby is the most adorable thing in the world! Don’t you just want to see every picture I have of her?!” Seems that turning into a stereotype is inevitable. We haven’t made anyone watch videos of her yet. Though I think this could be attributed to our inability to get the camcorder working. Is that even what they are called?

Anyway, I hope you (whoever might be reading this) enjoy the pictures and the little snippets of our life that I broadcast.

And this last bit for my husband:


Slightly cocking my head to the side, holding one hand in front of me in a sideways peace sign, and pausing before saying with a slight lisp:

“Peace out.”