Ok. I know I am biased, utterly incapable of objectivity, but, I must declare that Briar Davie Magee is the cutest, most engaging, and remarkable little person I have ever known. This morning while I showered Sean was in the bedroom with Briar. We bought and installed an air conditioner in our bedroom Sunday. This has made a huge difference in everyone’s comfort as it has been unfairly muggy. Anyway, Briar was on the bed when I left, when I came back, Sean had arranged her head on a pillow. She had her little butt up in the air like one of the angelic little babies in the Anne Geddes photos, her lips were pushed out in an incredibly nibble worthy pout and a grin kept coming and going across her face. I stopped dead in my tracks, my heart leapt and I just felt completely stunned that this was our person. Our Briar. How is it possible that we created such a perfect, healthy, wondrous little person? What a way to start the day.
She continued to sleep until 8:35 when I had no choice but to pack her up and head over to Dot’s. When we got to Dot’s she still had lines from the pillow on her face. Her bright blue eyes were twinkling and she looked like she’s had the kind of sleep that dreams are made of. Poor Dot is probably in for it, Briar is going to have energy to burn.

I can’t wait to get back to her at lunch. The way her teeth are coming in her face changes by the hour, or so it seems. Her gums are red and she has a new tooth poking through on top, but she virtually never complains. A little fussiness at night when she has nothing to distract her from the ache, but other than that she is a saint. It’s been so fun to start her on Cheerios. She loves the whole experience, from picking out the Cheerio that she wants to eat, to lifting them to her mouth (hit or miss as to whether or not they make it in her mouth, all dependent upon the stickiness of her fingers) and then the chewing. She sure loves swirling them around in her mouth, almost like she wants to give each of her new teeth an opportunity to chew.

Whoops, lost track of time. Maybe I can write a bit more tonight. Off to prepare for my 12 NEW meeting.