I intend to write more about our trip, but I have to jot this down. Briar and I were downstairs this morning after getting a fresh diaper and outfit on – for you wise asses the diaper was on Briar, we both had fresh outfits. I was having a cup of coffee and nibbling on grapes. Briar was watching me so I peeled a grape for her and bit off 1/3 to give to her. She put it in her mouth, made a little face and then proceeded to chew. After a few seconds she coughed a bit, I was going over to make sure she was ok, it didn’t look like she was choking or anything, when all of a sudden – Hu-chuck.


Projectile vomit.

Fast, far reaching.

Just missed me. I rushed to take her in my arms and soothe her. Totally unnecessary, she wriggled out of my arms and started to crawl away, babbling a happy little song. I slipped her out of her soiled clothes and watched as she demonstrated the superb resilliency and good nature that she has had since day one.

We could all really learn a lesson from babies. They just roll with the punches. They get upset, but they don’t let it last, once it’s over it’s over, they move on. At the party in WA for Briar someone gave us one of those little inspirational thingies to put on your desk or night stand, anyway it says:

Five Simple Rules For Happiness
1. Free your heart from hatred.
2. Free your mind from worries.
3. Live simply.
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.

Between Briar and those rules, I think I may learn a little bit about living life a little lighter.