Survived Monday. I don’t understand how I could have less than zero percent ambition and still be awake or functional. Perhaps I should not have been driving. Too late now.

I am hoping tomorrow I can start the day with a bang. No distractions, just right into work. No surfing, no tidying, just forward motion on tasks that need tending to. I ended the day with a reminder email to one of my committees about a meeting this Friday. That should beget a few emails that will need responding to.


On a more exciting note, we actually had dinner tonight. (Ok maybe exciting isn’t quite the adjective this passage calls for…) Since the heat has been so damn agobiante, we haven’t made a real meal since we came back from the west coast. Didja get caught up on ‘agobiante’? Here’s the thing, every once in a while a situation makes a spanish word pop up from the dark recesses of my brain that have been dormant for so long. Just the feel of that word coming out of my mouth makes me feel hotter and stickier. It just fits.
I wish we could splice languages together more often. Isn’t that what they do in Hawaii? Combine languages to make a sort of laidback Hawaiian english? Agobiante is so much more colorful than oppressive. Encantado, so much smoother than pleased to meet you. You could say enchanted or delighted, but you’d sound like you were laying it on pretty thick. Encantado just floats out there and feels warm and dreamy.

Speaking of dreamy, I am just floating around. Just felt like typing, but didn’t have much to say. Briar went down without a struggle so I am left with tis free time.

Twiddle, twiddle, twiddle.

Surf and then sleep.

Scratch that, Grandpa just called, I think we’ll just go talk about how wonderful Briar is!

Sweet way to end the night.