Briar said, “Bye” this morning.

Granted she was crawling toward the dog dish as she said it, but I was also leaving, so even though it might not have been intentional, I’m giving her credit for saying, “Bye.”

Had a kind of rough night. Well, ok, maybe you don’t consider waking up to repeated head butts and kicks to the face a rough night, but this gal does. And no, Sean and I weren’t having a wrestling match. Briar was having some “issues” and being the brilliant child that she is, she figured if she was up and restless, why shouldn’t everyone else be up and restless.

That being said, Sean said I fell asleep first. I never fall asleep first. I fantasize, as I lie awake listening to Sean’s even breathing while he sleeps, of falling asleep before him. I dream of Sean asking me questions and giving those deliciously garbled and sleep drugged answers,

“Hmm, wassat, ahm…” rolling over and falling back asleep.

That never happens. I am always on the receiving end of that. It’s so lonely.

Apparently, and unfairly, last night that was me, except I wasn’t even able to do the sleep mumblings. Not really fair that when I finally fall asleep first I’m not awake enough to enjoy it.

Well, as I said, a quickie. I am off to grab a bite and to feed Briar.

Happy Thursday wish it were Friday to one and all.