More like un-treat.

Sorry, had an all day retreat. Bored to tears.

As I type I am nervous, seems like every day there is another story about some promising, young professional in the city that lost everything when the blog that they kept was found out by the higher-ups and the poor soul had written the unspeakable about work. I’m not saying I hate my co-workers or boss, far from it. But eight hours in the “education room” of a bank that was built in the late 60’s? Discussing “what drives the economic engine”?

Ay yai yai.

Anyway, between the retreat and the carpentry work around our house there has not been a spare minute to write.

So, it will wait for another day, the things that have happened in the past few days, from the ridiculous to the sublime, may never make it to screen. We’ll see how I feel. For now, bed, my husband, a book, a snoozing Briar, and the ac. And only just 9 o’clock.