Briar has for the last week or two, taken to waking up with a start anytime between 3 and 5am.
She arches her back and wails at the top of her lungs. Totally inconsolable.
It seems to be an uncomfortable gas issue so we take turns patting her bottom, rubbing her belly and just soothing her.

But honestly, it’s tough. You’re exhausted.

Excuse me, I am exhausted. Sean as well. You want to help, but good lord, you want to go back to sleep too.

This morning when it happened, surprisingly, I wasn’t writhing in agony from the burning in my eyes, or the early pulsing of one of those, “Man, I slept lousy last night!” headaches. I actually felt pretty lucid and not entirely unhappy to be awake. As I tried to nurse Briar back to sleep I asked Sean what time it was.

“‘Bout five,” he answered.


“What are you thinking about?” I wondered aloud as Briar nursed happily.


“You want to go see the balloons?”

So Sean went down and made coffee while I eased Briar off my chest and carried her downstairs.

Twenty minutes later, the dogs having been fed and let out, Briar bundled up from top to bottom, and Sean and I enjoying warm bellies from hot mugs of coffee we headed out for our first Adirondack Balloon Festival morning launch. We were on the road before six and the streets were populated with the lights of the other family cars headed out for the spectacle. Sean took us a back way and we avoided much of the traffic. Once we were parked we loaded the very drowsy Briar into her backpack, made sure she was warm enough and headed out to the fields.

And without further ado, here are some pictures from our family outing this morning.