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My girl.

Posted on September 7, 2005

No real news or profound thoughts. Abs is watching Briar again this afternoon.When I left at 2 they were squealing and smiling at each other. Briar is an a lime green outfit- a little striped tank top with matching diaper cover. She is summer personified. Her hair is looking extra thick and auburn today. Tonight will be a bath night. I love the smell of her hair after a bath. She loves having lotion applied and her little ears being swabbed with q-tips. My little spa girl! Tomorrow is Thursday. Whew. Ever noticed that short weeks feel long sometimes?I am looking forward to the weekend and Briar. Next week is her birthday and the week after we are taking sick time to watch her…

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Family. Grown Up.

Posted on September 6, 2005

Abbie is in town. She is Abbie. And she’s not. This last year has changed her.She really is grown up. Sean and I are having the best visit with her. I feel so blessed to have made it to where I am with a solid relationship with my sister intact. She is a true friend and a wonderful sister. Did I mention my kid thinks she hung the moon? Enjoy the pictures, we’ve enjoyed creating them!

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