Our hike.
It was a moderately challenging hike, considering the circumstances: Sean had Briar on his back, Dean was his usual defiant self, Abbie was coming off what might be described as a slightly uncomfortable night’s sleep, and I was feeling a bit fatigued.

As you see here, the pay off for the hike was exceptionally sweet.
An undeniably kick ass view of Lake George.

I love this picture, as I mentioned in an earlier post, Sean and Abbie share a unique fondness for one another.
They sometimes demonstrate this by ribbing one another, but sometimes, they just laugh together. As you can see, Briar gets right in on the fun.

*Side note: Last night Sean and Abbie were watching Saturday Night Live while I worked on the blog.
I went in to watch with them, thinking that since they were laughing so much, it must be funny.
I sat through a couple of sketches and didn’t really laugh.

Then the show cut to a commercial, a very, um, normal commercial.
Suddenly the two of them are shrieking with laughter.
Huge, raucous, belly laughs. I didn’t get it, which just made them laugh harder.

There are no promises that your family will love the person you choose to spend your life with, no guarantees that your partner will like your family. In those precious moments when your two worlds meld together in beautiful harmony, there are just no words.
What a blessing.

Ok, have you ever seen anyone or anything looks this cute? It’s exhausting. She just gets you so excited and joyous by her infectious little personality. Edible!