Just a few more pictures of Briar. She has taken to brushing and having her teeth brushed like she has taken to everything else in life.

Sweetly and cooperatively.

Ok, I know, if you have read some of my other entries you may think,
“Hmm, I don’t know that I would describe the going to bed routine as being done ‘sweetly and cooperatively’.”

To which I might say, “You’re right, but, the cool thing about being passionately devoted to your child, your memory blus things, softens them.”

Once you are past the misery of hearing her cry or the really burning, scratchy eyes and throbbing temple, you end up with a peach colored, slumbering angel. That tends to wash away the other stuff. Loving Briar has washed away so much for me. She makes me see life in a much gentler way. I see more joy and magic when I am with her and I try to carry that with me when I am not with her. Hope this little dose of Briar brings you a little joy.