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Longing to write

Posted on October 18, 2005

I wish I had more time. Ok, wait. I have the time. I wish I could spend more of my time doing slightly different things than I am doing. No, that’s not quite it either. I just wish I could really sit down and share all that has been going on. The thing is, I don’t think there could ever be enough time, or words that would truly describe what we are witnessing. Experiencing. How can you possibly describe seeing magic? Discovery?Wonder?Determination?A prevailing spirit? Every day Briar does something new. Every time she looks at me I see a different emotion. A new thought. She is hurtling forward at such an awesome pace. Exploring, testing, trying, adjusting, measuring, protesting, enjoying, devouring, sweetening. She learned…

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Friday’s Briar

Posted on October 14, 2005

Just a few more pictures of Briar. She has taken to brushing and having her teeth brushed like she has taken to everything else in life. Sweetly and cooperatively. Ok, I know, if you have read some of my other entries you may think, “Hmm, I don’t know that I would describe the going to bed routine as being done ‘sweetly and cooperatively’.” To which I might say, “You’re right, but, the cool thing about being passionately devoted to your child, your memory blus things, softens them.” Once you are past the misery of hearing her cry or the really burning, scratchy eyes and throbbing temple, you end up with a peach colored, slumbering angel. That tends to wash away the other stuff. Loving…

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Visions of Briar

Posted on October 12, 2005

Sippy cup and tunes. This is the look of satisfied delight she ALWAYS has after turning on her radio and dancing. She especially likes to turn it on when we are watching tv or talking. We of course stop. And dance. And standing with her Francis bear. Note the winter hat for the imminent Adirondack winter. Holding her bear and laughing with dad (just out of sight). Finishing off this batch of pictures with a, “Hey Mom! Put down the camera and come play with me and my bear!”

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Better Late Than Never

Posted on October 11, 2005

Sometimes accomplishing the littlest things can be impossible (or maybe you are actually accomplishing a hell of a lot, but you don’t realize it because you get caught up on the one thing, from the list of 1000, that you didn’t get to.) My sister telling me that she checks the blog daily for updates and that it is an incredible way for her to stay apprised of all things Briar, really reminded me how much the blog means to me. So here I am. Trying to post a satisfying blog. I am sure I can be forgiven for my insane scatterbrained pregnancyitis. Loosen up those neck muscles and anticipate some huge topic swings and curves. Briar’s mama is back at the keyboard. The…

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