The Magees went apple picking Sunday!

Mama Magee is from Yakima, Washington and this was her FIRST time apple picking.

What a magnificent way to spend a crisp, sunny, autumn day. Our friends the Sanos called us late Saturday night and asked if we’d be interested in going the next day. It was definitely last minute and out of the ordinary as far as things we do on the weekend, but we looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and asked what time.

Trent, Tara and Carter showed up at our house at 10am. After about 30 minutes of me trying to tie up loose ends (wet hair, diaper bag, pregnancy bladder) we were out the door. Trent led the way and we spent about 20 minutes driving the most beautiful back roads, through farm land and small towns. Leaves swirled behind Trent’s car as we listened to mellow music and smiled at a dozing Briar. It was perfect!

Once we got there we immediately headed inside for fresh cider and hot cider donuts. Yum! Gotta say, as earthy and wholesome as I have tried to be with Briar, watching her eat bits of the donut, sugar and cinnamon sticking to her lips, it felt like the most natural, wonderful thing to share with her. As we ate we kind of chuckled at a sign out there in the middle of rural upstate New York that said, “Reggae Music 2-5pm.” After the snack we hopped on the tractor and rode out deep into the orchards. As the tractor stopped our guide/driver told us where to find which kind of apples. His thick Jamaican accent suddenly made the reggae music sign make sense. I didn’t really understand what he said, but after the first bite of one of our fresh picked apples I realized the type didn’t make a difference. They all taste good straight from the tree.

For the next hour we laughed and sprinted from tree to tree, reaching into the highest boughs to grab the perfect apple. Tara even climbed way up into a tree while Trent held Carter. Then we decided to walk back to our cars as we crunched on apples from our haul. It was the perfect amount of time to spend with friends and the most wonderful way to pass a Sunday morning.

Carter’s weigh-in

Tara the tree climber.

Briar traveling in style with Dad.

Carter and Briar