Wednesday my boss sent me home from work at 4, “Happy Thanksgiving,” he said.

Sean had my car as he had planned to pick Briar up early- we bought a forward facing seat a few weeks back and it lives in my car. It was cold, but not wet so I decided to walk home.

I stepped outside my office, zipped up my coat, tucking my scarf in tight under my chin and started on my way. I took the main road, looking around and breathing in the energy that was charging through everyone around me – “HOLIDAY. VACATION. HOLIDAY. VACATION. FAMILY. FAMILY. FAMILY.”

I can’t remember the last time it felt as if everyone in the world was just in synch. I don’t know if it is a product of the times we are living in, or just the climate here in Glens Falls, but I honestly believe that everyone here needed, and was sincerely grateful for, the break. In the office today everyone has been gushing about how perfect the break was.

I let the walk take a little longer than normal. Sean had called to let me know that he and Briar were going down for a nap right before I left work. When I reached our street I looked at our house, took a deep breath and said a silent prayer hoping that the coming days would recharge us and give us the family time we have so sorely been needing.

Someone definitely heard me. Our little family had the sweetest, most fulfilling time together. We laughed, we played, we read stories, ate snacks, played games, sang songs, cuddled, visited with friends, took walks and just cherished one another.

I have so many stories and long to share them, but will have to wait until later.

I hope that anyone reading this felt a bit of the same magic of family and contentment over the weekend that we did.

I’ll pop in again soon to tell a story or two.