Looks like Christmas is going to extend to the 27th and 29th. Those are the dates that my four remaining Christmas orders have been rescheduled for delivery to by UPS.
Slightly aggravating, but all things considered, I should just be grateful that I had the means to make the orders and the people in my life for whom to order them.

This holiday snuck up on me. I cannot believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I wish I could have a few more of those days leading up to Christmas Eve, when everyone is just a tad kinder, the air crackles with that special holiday magic, everything looks sweeter, more wholesome. I forgot to play carols as often as I should have. I haven’t had cocoa with a candy cane or sent out a single Christmas card.

This year did bring some special treats.

Briar gleefully tangling her legs and feet in the strings of white Christmas lights as Sean tried to uncoil them.

Sean trying to be serious and methodical about the tree decorating, but ultimately melting at Briar’s delight at removing ornaments and “helping” with the lights.

Introducing Briar to snowmen.

Sharing the magic of being a parent at Christmas with Sean.

Being reminded of how truly precious family is.