We had Nana, Ciocci Jeannie, and Betty
over for supper and playtime on Christmas Eve.
Briar was sure to let everyone have a turn
pushing and pulling her around in her box.

Ciocci Jeannie steering the box.

Nana being the motor for the box.

Daddy lifting Briar out of the box with a flourish.

Mom prefers to roll around without the box.

Christmas Morning.

It started relatively late, probably the last Christmas we’ll have without seeing the sun rise.

She loves the piano. She really loves activating all her different musical
toys at once for an eclectic, electronic symphonic experience.

Briar now has her very own baby. She loves her, as well as her My Little Pony.
Little nostalgia for mom, remembering Abs with her My Little Pony dolls.

Loves the baby.

More Abbie nostalgia with a Care Bear stocking.

But I don’t wanna take a nap, I’m having fun.
I’m not tired!

And she’s out.

More soon.

Merry Christmas!!!