So I just went into the bathroom here at work.

Caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and something was not quite right.
It took me a minute before I realized what it was.
I had managed to put two dangly earrings in one ear this morning.
Yes, nothing like the absent minded gypsy look for the holidays.
Here are a few other ‘oops’ things moms out there might appreciate.

Mascara applied on just one side
(and a mascara wand no where in sight for repair)

Baby sock traveling down a pant leg
(and on to the floor only when in clear view of non-parents)

Banana finger prints on sleeves
(FYI banana looks like mucus when dried on fabric)

Peanut butter smears at baby levels
(typically thighs and breasts)

Compulsive singing and or humming if toy music
(again, usually around non-parents)

Crumbs accompanying anything you hand to someone
(you guessed it, to non-parents)

One shaved leg
(and pants that don’t reach the top of your sock)

There is also the joy of being absolutely incapable of:

Maintaining a clean car
(we’re talking crumbs, blobs of the unknown, so much more)

Walking without clicking, clucking, or making other cheerful sounds

Getting out of the house in less than 20 minutes

It is a wild, humbling and exhausting thing to be a mom.

And I wouldn’t trade it for all the glamour and order in the world.

So here’s to smudged glasses, sticky hair and big, wet, baby kisses.