So many times I have meant to pop online and jot down a few notes.
Clearly, with my last entry having been November 29th, I have not done so.

The things I wanted to share:

Briar watching a Baby Einstein dvd and “mooing” at the farm animals.

Briar entering a phase of extreme sharing – every food, every drink, book or toy, she extends her pudgy little hand and offer a bite, sip or glimpse of whatever she is enjoying.

A new level of interaction: she understands so much of what we say, demonstrates the need to receive of give affection, really listens and tries to respond.

The continuing magic of the bedtime process. She loves her stories and time rocking with mom or dad. She goes to sleep in her crib, wakes up, entertains herself, goes back to sleep. I think we are both profoundly aware of how important and precious the ability of a child/baby to get to sleep truly is. I also think we both still have a certain degree of fear that it may just be a brief phase and we’ll one day return to the battle.

My growing belly and Briar’s fascination with the changes.

The discovery that being a parent and part of a loving marriage just gets better with time. I thought the magic of being Briar’s mom might fade, or that being parents might extinguish the spark and spontaneity of our marriage. Not true. Life is different, but there is still so much wonder and magic!

A broken dishwasher is a huge pain in the ass, but, much like stacking firewood there is a weird simple pleasure in washing dishes by hand.

That said, I will really appreciate hand washing the dishes as a memory some day in my future.

Well, I have my one year review in ten minutes, so I have to go.

More entries and pictures soon.