I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted Briar pictures, so here we go along with some quick Briar stats.

Favorite Activity: Being pulled in her box…even more fun when the kitty is chasing and attacking the box.

Favorite Book: Toss up between “I Already Know I love You” (Curses on you Mr. Crystal) , “Hug”, and “Goodnight Moon” – except in the car, then it is hands down Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind book.

Favorite Word: Bawl – which means balloon, ball, butterfly, book and box depending on the situation.
She also likes saying: Daw! to announce when she is done with her dinner.

Favorite Drink: Anything mom is drinking, or drinking from mom.

Favorite Food: Pretzel Goldfish straight from the bag thank you very much or string cheese.

Favorite Party Trick: Having Da-Dee or Derek magically turn on the fans at 196 Glen.

Favorite Thing on TV: The Lunesta butterfly

Teeth Status: A mouthful with more molars coming in by the minute…OUCH!

Height & Weight: Not sure, but she is growing like a weed and looking super tall – 18 month clothing, easy.

Social Activities: Frequent playdates with Emma – she has toyed around with tantrums, but is truly remarkable with her willingness to share and concern for the happiness of the kids around her.

A few photos of Briar in her trusty red box. Notice how she has Pooh, her bear, Lily, a baby doll and purse in the box with her? They are all critical to an enjoyable ride. She was insisting at one point that having her beach ball and the Billy Crystal book in the box was of the utmost importance. We compromised and she recovered. Yeah!

This set of photos was taken this morning to illustrate what a little clothes horse Briar is. We had purchased a winter coat for her that was a total disaster. It’s so stiff she tips over when we put it on her and it’s so thick that we have to let the care seat straps out about 5 inches each time she wears it. So I went on Hanna Andersson and bought her 2 new coats. She loves them, insists on wearing them together. At night. In the morning. You name it. Last night I put the blue coat on Pooh as a compromise. This morning she was furious that Pooh had the audacity to wear her coat!

Now the Magees are off to Great Expectations Maternity (a maternity store opening February 18th in Glens Falls, NY www.greatexpectationsmaternity.com check it out!) to deliver a brochure and a coat. It’s supposed to be in the high 50’s today so we are walking. Yeah! Happy weekend to all.

Grandpa, hope you’ll be up and reading this soon. I love you.