Briar received an honest to goodness arm chair and ottoman for Christmas from her Grandma. It’s something I have long coveted from (Favorite maternity site!!) I had not known until the moment I removed the chair from the package if this was one of those things that was more for the parent than the child. Briar let me know as she tried to get into the chair before it was fully out of the box that it was indeed something she wanted. It is HER chair. And she loves it.

Nothing makes my heart more than a dad playing with his daughter, well, nothing makes my heart more than Sean palying with our daughter. The other dads used to make my heart melt, now they just make me smile and remind me of what an incredible dad Briar has.

Not that they appreciate having them posted on the internet for anyone in the world to see, but don’t you love the pictures of your husband all rumpled and in his weekend clothes, unshaven and all yours?! So wonderful knowing that there are those “Sunday mornings togehter” that they talk about in movies that you really get to have. For the record, Sean had a picture of me holding Briar on his wall at work (covering chipped paint) for MONTHS, in which I was unshowered and just not in that “Sunday morning” glow. So don’t go feeling sorry for him, besides, he is seriously adorable on the weekend!

Keeping it somehwat fair (though he could start his own blog…)

A showered Manda picture…

…followed by an unshowered one. Briar takes the bite out of looking bad.

And in closing, a little bit of dog’n kitten lovin’.