Yesterday Briar and I went to the doctor to check into this cough she’s had for a while now. They said she looked good, no infection, but gave us some decongestant and cough medicine to make her more comfortable. I gave her the decongestant stuff at around noon, along with a little lunch of PB&J, Pink Lady apple slices and string cheese. Briar sat there eating happily and watching an Elmo dvd. I popped into the kitchen to grab a napkin, when I came back she literally konked out sitting upright. I had seen pictures of kids asleep in their meals, but Briar had never done this, so of course I ran and got the camera while I made squealed, cooed and giggled at how darn cute she looked. Then this morning I couldn’t resist sneaking in a and snapping a few pictures of Briar as she woke up.

She always sleeps right in between her stuffed animals or with her head literally touching one of them.

Her little hand comes close to her mouth, but against all odds she has never been a thumb sucker.

Such a sweet little face.

She’s hearing me talk to her and thinking about waking up. My tummy does flip flops waiting for her to get up and give me that wonderful sleepy smile and then reach her arms out to me for a big old morning cuddle.

And she’s up!

Look at that.

It felt so good to know that she was finally getting some good, uniterrupted sleep. Her coughing has been waking her up and causing her to sleep fitfully. This morning she was so happy to be up and after what was essentially a four day weekend she made the transfer to Dot with out any tears or struggle.

Last week when we came back from CA it was so hard because for three days she cried as we dropped her off. So it looks like things are getting back to normal.

We had a showing of our house yesterday. Hopefully we’ll hear something today. We have plans for another open house this weekend. We are starting tog et down to the wire as far as how long it would take to close vs how soon the baby will come. Yikes!

We’ll get through, though, we always do.

Happy day to everyone