You might think the “eesh” as title is my way of articulating my shame at not having written in well over a week. You’d be right, if it weren’t for the fact that Briar learned to say fish aka “eesh” yesterday and it’s the cutest thing ever! Tonight as I was putting her to bed she took her little finger and pointed and said, “EESH!”

They should find a way to bottle the pride and wonder parents feel every day they get to spend time with their child(ren). Powerful stuff.

A quick glimpse into the ever expanding Briar vocabulary:

nung – tongue

mow – mouse

buh-bly – butterfly

hahahha – hot

uh lub-ow – I love you

rrrbrrrrm – truck

bay-uh – bear

plee – please

wa-wa – water (I think they come pre-coded for that one)

bloo – balloon (she was given her first red balloon on Saturday at Borders –
it was actually 2, a red balloon ala Good Night Moon and a yellow wiener dog shaped balloon)

Ok, that’s enough words. How about this? Tonight she helped me do the dishes. Up until now she has definitely been a great laundry buddy, but not so great with the dishes, she has seem more interested in climbing in and exploring the inside of the dishwasher than helping me complete a task. So tonight I gave her pieces of silverware and she would put them in a slot of the silverware cage.

And then move the piece to another slot.

And then move it again.

Then I’d hand her another one, which she would put in a slot.

Then like some sort of NYC street corner hustler she’d move them again and look up at me with a sly grin,

“Where’s the fork now, mama?”

It may have been the most fun I’ve had in a month.

Speaking of sly grins, she has moved on from her smushed up face of consternation and has moved onto a new look, reserved primarily for Daddy. I can’t tell if it’s foreshadowing a wicked stubborn streak or a fierce inner flirt, probably both knowing her genetic background. Anyway, she sort of tucks her chin into her chest and shoulder, tilts her head to the side and looks at Sean with the hint of a smile on her face. She holds like that until you crack up or sort of look away. It’s intense. And wildly adorable.

I sound kinda found of her, huh?

I tell ya, this little person is the coolest. Her burgeoning personality is just charming. And the way she just gets more and more engaging and engaged with each passing hour. I am absolutely addicted. And as I fall more in love with her I am getting less scared about the new baby.

I had been having huge feelings of guilt, thinking that this would somehow take away from what I could give Briar. But she is so firmly within me, an extension of my very existence, not to say that she isn’t her own person. I mean in the way that for every moment of the day she is in my thoughts. I am able to smell her, taste her or hear her. I am remembering, imagining or just feeling how she is a part of my life. Feels like she has always been with me somehow.

I know our relationship will change, but she is already falling in love with this baby, establishing a new relationship with Sean and, I might add, a growing independence. It seems as if the timing, with her development and our relationship, could not be better for adding a new person to our circle.

That doesn’t mean we are not devouring every single article about how to introduce another sibling etc etc.

So, there’s a quick update. I have to go do some work for my day job and then hopefully get a jump on some Trampoline work. All in all things are pretty good.