Just a quick update:

I am 36 weeks along today and Briar will be 19 months on Sunday.
She is growing like a weed.

Sean realized the other day that he can no longer step over her,
she is officially taller than his inseam.

She is developing real fashion likes and dislikes.
She loves wearing her Sox cap backwards,
is partial to her velcro tennis shoes,
loves sweatshirts and coats,
but also enjoys running around without a shirt.

The other day I put her in a little lime green corduroy
skirt with a white T and her black patent leather Mary Janes
and she walked around like a little peacock. So cute. I have to
remember to doll her up sometimes because she really does enjoy it.

She has inherited my long torso, meaning that she can wear 18 month shirts,
but they are starting to look a wee bit like half tops. I made a nice purchase
the other day of summer things, henceforth we’ll be going with 24 month or 2T
all around because even those she is wiry, she’s got these long limbs that demand the bigger stuff. Putting her shoes on this morning was a tiny bit of a struggle, so I think she may be moving up to a 6.

It’s so weird to be looking at the 0-3 month stuff again and realizing how big Briar has gotten. Luckily she hasn’t grown out of wanting to cuddle and be held. Though she also loves to walk. Walk, walk, walk she says.

Last night she fell out of bed. Sean and I were totally in synch and leapt out of bed
at the same time, dashed to her room and scooped her up, cooing reassuring things. She loved the tag team save and was quickly soothed and scrunching herself back up into the corner of her bad with her face pressed against her beloved Blue’s Clues stuffed animal.

Sean and I go for a Dr visit on the 18th. This amazing little person inside of me has been doing a mean Spiderman, poking hands, feet, elbows and more out of my belly as he/she seems to be climbing the walls in there. Alternately amazing and weird. We’ll get a belly shot posted in the next couple of days.