Must get self to camera shop.

Grr. Why is it that the littlest things can be the most crippling?

Getting to the post office.
Setting up the brand new printer.
Paying a parking ticket.
Returning an email.
Remembering clorox at the store.

Taking the camera to the repair shop.

Argh. Sorry.

I should be proud though. I bought Sean a watch for his birthday. Apparently I bought it exactly 28 days ago.
How do I know this? I managed to get my sorry ass to the jewelry store to ask if they could fix a kink that I believe
was created by Briar running through the house, watch in hand, inadvertently banging the band into every conceivable surface in her path. Not that I mentioned that to the clerk, but… a warranty is a warranty.

“Whew. You just made it, another day and a half and you’d have been outside the 30 day window.” She told me.

You must understand, this happened to the watch YESTERDAY. It is literally a miracle that I went today. So, I may not have done any of the other piddly things listed above that would take nothing more than a tiny bit of memory and resolve, but by golly, we got that watch exchanged AND bought ourselves another 30 days. Let’s hope we don’t need it. I am nearly 100% certain lightning will not strike that tree twice if you know what I mean.

I also managed to pick up my glasses. Granted they were finished Friday, but I consider making it inside of a month a significant accomplishment. Let’s be real, at this point in the pregnancy I find not sporting a wet stain halfway down my chest and getting intelligible sentences out in conversation to be significant accomplishments.

I left the most ridiculous message on someone’s machine today. Now I know some of you who have received messages from me before are scoffing at the idea of me being embarrassed by a message or even suggesting that there is any other way to describe a message from me but ridiculous. But seriously, this was like one of those scenarios of the “slightly tipsy, it’d be a GREAT idea to call the and say hello” kind of message. You know when you just want to take it back? Hit 9 to delete the message and re-record? Break into the house and delete the message?

But noooo, I left this doozey of a message on the voice mail of one of our Chamber member businesses.

“Hi Randy. Amanda Magee from the…

(long pause, ugh, musn’t say Amanda Magee from the ARCC, too alliterative)

ah, from the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce. I wanted to, ah, speak with you,
or check with you, about recording a…

(long pause, “Session?” I thought, no. “Episode?” Uh uh)

a, an edition of our radio show On the Road, I mean on the Air with the ARC. On the Air with the ARCC…

(Pause. Jesus, Did I say ‘ARC’ or ‘ARCC’??)

On the Air with the ARCC. ARC. With the ARCC,C. Ahem. Our show On the Ro- eh, Air with the ARCCC. ARC. ARCC.

(Painful, panicked groan)

Oh dear, so late in the pregnancy. I’m sorry. If you could let me know if you’d, ah, like to join Todd for the taping, I was looking at a couple of dates, the first, well, it’s really soon. I mean it’s this Friday and it would be on Everts Road at the radio station…

(Oh my dear sweet god, what station is it? WKGB, no, not KGB. WK…vooosh)

Ah, WKBE, and it’ll be broadcast Sunday morning, then run in the Business Journal and on our site. So, just let me know. Again, Amanda Magee from the ARCC..


798-1761. And I apologize for using up so much of your machine tape. Answering time. Voice mail. Space. I. Ok. So, that’s Amanda with the Chamber. Thanks Randy.


I just feel ridiculous all over again. And it’s on tape. Or whatever.

Enormous and without the ability to really harness the power of my mind effectively. Just trying not to drop food on myself or say things that make people cock their head’s and give me that, “Poor thing” look.

For now, to bed. Hopefully I’ll have pictures for you soon.