So Briar is without question, more amazing every day.
I just love her so much.
This morning Sean and I had to be at the Chamber by 7:30 – I should say, Sean had to be at the coffee shop at 6:30. I think it only fair to give him credit for such an early day, as he was one of the featured speakers at an event for my work.

Group: “Aw, what a guy!”

Anyway, that made for an early day for Briar. Sean showered first and then I got up to do the same while he ironed his shirt. Briar woke up while I was in the shower so he took her downstairs for a banana and some juice. When I got downstairs she was on his lap in front of the computer, listening to “mu-nees.” Our little iTunes fiend.

He told me to go ahead and do my hair. It wasn’t long before I heard:

“Mommy. Maw-Mee. Maw-Mee. maw-mee-maw-mee-maw-mee-MAAAW-MEEEE!”

“Ya baby?”

She came into the bathroom, reached her arms up, I bent down and she leaned into me, pressing her lips on my neck, hugging me and making the “I love you” groan into my ear. The smell of her shampoo from the night before, the scent of her silky soft skin, the feel of her fleece sleeper and the patting of her hand on my shoulder just made me feel like I was the luckiest person alive.

Getting ready she was so helpful, sticking her little feet out as I tried to put her shoes on, lifting her arms for the sleeves of her coat and then walking to the car with me and pointing out the moon and getting me to slow down enough to put my face to the wind and stick my tongue out.

She’s just this little bundle of hope and strength. I hope she gets as much from us as we do from her.

More another time.