Saturday night Grandma and Grandpa Mott came to town. We had been trying to prep Briar with pictures of her with them from our trip west last July. Briar no identifies pictures of herself as a baby as being “A-ree.” So we had to remind her that she had been a baby and that the man was “Grandpa.”

“Briar, look, it’s you and Grandpa.”

“A-ree. Ugh.”

“No, honey. That’s Grandpa and you. That’s Briar.”


“Can you say, ‘grand-pa’?”


“Grand-pa. Grandpa.”


She never did say Grandpa, but she was sitting in his lap and brushing his hair no more than five minutes after they arrived. I regret that I did not have my camera in hand!

The day after they arrived we took them to Lake George to the Top of the World Golf Course and Farmhouse Restaurant. We just did a logo and brochure for them, so after having shared the materials with Dad and Cindie we wanted to show them the place first hand.
Briar climbing on some boulders. Sean had a heck of a time hovering and making sure she didn’t crack her head open or gash her leg…actually we spend most of our time doing that these days. Briar and I both have bruises running up and down our legs- ankle to thigh.

Catching a ride on Grandpa’s shoulders. Big Fun!

After lunch we went to a park in Lake George for a summer festival. Briar played in the lake and then we went and listened to live music. Grandpa got a taste of how much faster Briar moves now. Note the relaxed look, followed by the lunge to prevent a tumble.

Delight at first sight.
It is so incredible watching your parents fall in love with your children. In some ways it lets you imagine how it must have been when you were a baby. It also gives you that powerful rush you get when you introduce someone to a new place and they love it as much as you do. Sharing the joy makes your own that much richer.

Look of love.
The other thing I love about seeing grandparents with their grandkids is how totally absorbed they get in the moment.

Do they know you are standing there?

Can they hear anything you say?
Not really.

It’s the best kind of invisibility.

And the pictures that come out of these encounters are just priceless. Touching, perfect, and often hilarious.

These next few pictures are not from the Mott visit. But I just had to post them. I don’t know what I am going to do when I have to gorgeous girls mugging for the camera or creating those pictures that make my eyes well up!