I’ve been neglecting my obsessive photo taking, but it’s back on now.

Poor Avery doesn’t know what she’s in for.

So here she is-
Still gorgeous.
Still sporting a thick, dark mane.
And getting bigger by the day.

And if you find yourself wondering if her little rolls and face are as soft, silky and sweet smelling as you might imagine, know that they are.

She is infinitely kissable, endlessly watchable and absolutely magical to be around.

Each day–minute, really, she is more responsive and communicative.
Notice in the sort of pathetic ‘mom took it herself with her arm stretched way out’ shot, she is darn near kissing me back.

I thin you’ll also see that Briar is still very photogenic. I think it is going to be a lifetime of these two mugging for the camera, breaking hearts and making people laugh.

Pretty sweet deal for us!


“Don’t misunderstand, I totally love my sister, but she is exhausting. Just wait till I can really hold my head up and move on my own!” says Avery.

Goofin’ around with mom.

Cat lover against all odds.

Can you imagine anything cuter? Geez! And I thought I was a sucker for Dads with daughters before…