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Nana Crush

Posted on July 13, 2006

You have no control over who your child loves. There always seems to be that person or two, that desperately wants to be your child’s favorite. They bring gifts, they “coochie coo”, they do everything, but if your kid doesn’t feel it, your kid just doesn’t feel it. The same holds true with relatives. I think children, more than anything or anyone, prove the point that there are some things in life over which you have absolutely no control. Perhaps when they are older you can cajole, bribe and gently threaten that they be nice or pretend, but at 22 months, Briar holds the reins. Luckily for her Nana Jan, Briar adores her. Now Jan,has been known to do some crazy things to incite…

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1st Day Back

Posted on July 4, 2006

6 weeks. Bull shit. They give you 6 weeks and say that it’s time to go back to work. Drop your kid off at Grandma’s. Drop ’em both at a sitter’s. Get back to work and pretend like it doesn’t feel as if your entire world has been wrenched from your arms. Look at her. I swear she spent the whole eve of our first day apart touching my face, cuddling tight and smiling at me. It was different than with Briar, but it still hurt. Still feels incredibly unnatural. I once heard a woman speak at a luncheon, she had started her own business. She said, “I just can’t work for anyone. They look in my eyes, and what can I say, I…

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