Sean is the little voice you want to be able to have in your head.

Look, just look at yourself. Look at how incredible you look.
Do you see that light? You are gorgeous.

Makes me dizzy to hear, I feel like I am standing in the sun. Not just standing in the sun, standing in the sun and getting a shoulder rub. When he does stuff like this the warmth spreads over me slowly, I’ll timidly look at the photos, or my reflection and begin thinking,

Hmmm, maybe. Ya, he’s right, I really do look good.

Suddenly I’m standing taller, smiling brighter and just enjoying myself more. I felt incredibly carefree and giddy as we looked through these pictures from today’s trip to the pool.

Then we got to this next photo. Basking in the glow of knowing that my husband thinks I am gorgeous and that I feel pretty good about how I look myself, I smiled at the picture. I felt him shift as he stood next to me. He took a breath and I smiled as I waited for him to compliment me again.
(God I love this guy!)

” Yup, there it is, the fang. Caught on your lip like the fat kid who couldn’t fit through the chainlink fence. Wait up guys,I’m stuck. I’m serious, wait up.”

And the spell is broken. Big guy, had to go and say something like that. I clicked on to the next picture. Avery looked adorable. Sean moved beside me and put his hand on my shoulder. Whew, back to sensitive and sweet Sean.

(Did I mention how much I love this guy?)

Look, she’s cutting her own fang.

Voice in my head indeed. It’s actually pretty hilarious. Sets me up, gets me all puffed up and then calibrates me right back down with the slams about my “fang”.

Tit for tat right?

I give you, Sean, towel dancer extraordinaire.