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Never Dulls

Posted on August 21, 2006

I am awed by the dimensions of my love for these girls. Just when I think I sort of have a handle on how I feel about Briar, how I feel about Avery and how I feel about them together, I am hit by a new wave of emotion. Last night Avery slept in her crib. In another room. The entire night. Who knew that you could celebrate and mourn at the same time? I am so fiercely proud of how smoothly she seems to figure everything out. From the day she came home she has seemed to anticipate things that needed to happen before Sean or I ever clued in. She shifts gears and adjusts to whatever happens. She has spread through the…

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Look at you, you’re gorgeous.

Posted on August 19, 2006

Sean is the little voice you want to be able to have in your head. Look, just look at yourself. Look at how incredible you look. Do you see that light? You are gorgeous. Makes me dizzy to hear, I feel like I am standing in the sun. Not just standing in the sun, standing in the sun and getting a shoulder rub. When he does stuff like this the warmth spreads over me slowly, I’ll timidly look at the photos, or my reflection and begin thinking, Hmmm, maybe. Ya, he’s right, I really do look good. Suddenly I’m standing taller, smiling brighter and just enjoying myself more. I felt incredibly carefree and giddy as we looked through these pictures from today’s trip to…

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