…and I’ll shamelessly post photos of myself and the girls if I want to.

So it’s been a while…thanks Pop.
I actually loved hearing that someone missed my entries. I apologize you suffered not seeing your girls. We’re back! Not sure what happened, but I’ll not waste another minute wondering about it.

We have made two trips to Gore for the gondola ride and both times had huge amounts of fun. Briar absolutely loves gathering rocks and sticks. Avery loves just about everything. She is so easy to be around.

Strap me in the Baby Bjorn?


Bounce me on your knee?


Cradle me in your arms?


Prop me on a cushion while you vacuum?


The only condition is that you let me reach deep inside of you and take hold of your heart with a ferocity that won’t ever let you look at me without feeling absolutely, 100%, totally and completely in love.