Ok girls. You know you’ve done it. You’ve been going along, enjoying your life, but maybe, just maybe you are kind of taking things for granted. Then one day,you look up and your husband, boyfriend, whatever has shaved/cut his hair/bought a new shirt and you find your eyes popping out of your head. Or you get a whiff of his aftershave/cologne/sweat and your stomach does somersaults. Suddenly you look at him differently and you realize, “Hey,he’s mine. That guy picked me. And. He. Is. Mine.” Something about watching Sean with the girls catches me off guard and makes me fall harder.
Something tells me I may catch hell for posting this shot…but I can’t resist.

Ok, so I realize this shot may be too weird. I wasn’t trying for arty. I just wanted to catch her in the mirror and I had to keep an eye on Briar and make sure she didn’t use Avery as a stepping stone to get up in the chair.

Avery is absolutely exploding into the coolest little person. Today I had her on my lap as I finished an ebriefing for work and she literally put her hand on my chin, turned me to face her, grinned and planted a big old kiss on me.

Bath drunk.