That’s the question Sean posed to me the other night after he finished reading the movie entry and came to bed.


This smirk sprang across his face and he moved his lips as if to talk and I said,
“Why, because I did an entry on not being able to stay up for a movie?”

“Yes. That’s-“

I interrupted again, “Hypocritical?”

“Yes, you-“

“Apples and oranges. Staying up for a movie or Letterman is so vastly different from writing on this blog, or even writing copy for a client.”

“But you said you couldn’t stay up late.”

Big annoyed, girl sigh. “Sean. I swear you are just trying to incite a you entry!”

“No, I’m not,” he lamely protested.

“You are so needling me to get yourself written about.”


Truth is I have been talking to him about how this blog, this outlet, has shifted. It began as a way to keep a sort of journal about Briar and to share pictures with family and friends. That was, and is, wonderful, but so is a a late night riff on whatever might be annoying, delighting or confounding me. So I run into a conflict with the people looking for baby pics and stories and the friends looking for uncensored Amanda.

But bless my dear husband, he wants me to do what feels right. And of course he doesn’t mind getting a good laugh. So I really do think he was trying to spur a non-baby, non-family worship entry. And he did. Who knows, maybe the lousy weather they have forecasted for this weekend will provide the guts for a fun post. Or maybe I’ll be walking over to the computer in a tshirt with mysterious crusty spots on it and regaling you with stories of life from the frontline of toddlerhood.