Just some silly shots of playing with out new winter hats.
I’d like to say that I have shown enormous restraint. Admittedly I went back on my rule about pink and yes, I’ll fess up to the fact that I have, on occasion put the girls in something that might have coordinated somewhat with something that I have had on. But I never used one of those atrocious headbands with a bow on it to make sure that god forbid no one thought one of them was a boy…please, they all look like boys for a long time, the headbands just make’em look like goofy boys. I’ll never dress the three of us as Scarlett O’Hara for a Halloween party, nor would I give twins rhyming names if I had them…though I could see us picking a name starting with a “c” for a future baby Magee if that were to happen. And I plan to be very open minded about letting them dress themselves, even if it is absurd. The one time when I really sort of throw the whole approach of not dressing the kids just to please myself is in the arena of winter hats. This may be because Briar has always been so willing to wear hats. But I do love silly winter hats. You’ll see in the picture that I have on the silliest of them all. We do live in the Adirondacks after all, there are going to be lots of long, cold winters, might as well have some fun with them.