I know, I know. Many days have passed since Halloween.
Better late than never I say.
And since I get so little feedback-
special thanks to Mom, Tet, Cindie and Jeannie for being exceptions
I get to pretend I know what you are all thinking and wanting.
If you are looking for something different, speak up.

Oh, and Sean! He gets special exempt status for being his fantastic self, except when he’s being stubborn and then I say, “Hey, knock it off, you remind me of how stubborn I am myself when you make me say things to you that I am used to hearing you say to me dang it!”

Umm, ok, is there anything in the world that is cuter than a big kid proffering candy to a little kid? I think not! Thanks to the sweet little big girl down the street that was so angelic with Briar on her confusing first trick or treating excursion! And thanks to her mom for being so sweet to Briar.

With 2 pink costumed little girls, 2 witches, missing porch railings and scented candles powering rotten after only 4 days jack-o-lanterns, Halloween was barely contained chaos. Cute, fuzzy, sticky, pink chaos.

I swear I wasn’t going for the tired ‘sex kitten’ mommy costume. I threw on the ears and painted my face at the last minute to try and persuade Briar to let me draw on her face to better illustrate that her costume was of Minnie Mouse. I loved trick or treating but cringed at the thought of people thinking that I was trying to be some sort of Denise Richards Playboy mom, not that I’d mind being considered a knock out, I just wouldn’t use bunny or kitty ears to accomplish that. Oy, sometimes I wear my neuroses right on my sleeve.

Ok, so back two the cutest thing on earth, I may have to call it a tie between the little girl/big girl costumed candy exchange and any tableau that involves a father and a daughter, costumed or not. The photos I have of a naked Briar checking out what there was to eat in the fridge with her towel clad Daddy sends me into a weepy ball of mush worthy of one of those “the touch, the feel of cotton, the fabric of our lives” viewed at about 2 weeks postpartum.

And when they kiss? Fuggedaboutit!

So here we are: a beautiful 6 month old in a bunny costume that ended up looking like a cross between a pink Eyore and a blushing mule; a Minnie Mouse in pink rather than red, with gas station attendant coveralls type writing indicating Minnie if you looked hard enough; and an unintentionally tarted up Kitty Mama. Ain’t we sweet?

Ok, we have a third contender for that cute title: kids in overalls. And let’s be honest, moms, kids of yours in overalls.