When is Cinco de Mayo?

That’s a little nugget from my day. How was yours?

Seriously, I’m in a room, a discussion is taking place about an event due to happen in March, and someone says:

Well, so when is sinko duh my-yo?

Now I know not everyone speaks Spanish.
But I think it’s fair to say that most people know “cerveza” means beer thanks to Homer Simpson and more people can say “for Spanish touch the number one” than realize it thanks to the automated hell that is 1-800 customer service.

Cinco de Mayo falls right in there. Grocery stores in middle America without a migrant population have adopted this holiday to add another money maker in May. Furthermore, the woman who posed this question, well let’s just say I think she probably knows her way around a margarita. I am sure she has had occasion to hear and see “Cinco de May” used in such a fashion that figuring out it’s the 5th of May wouldn’t be too great a stretch.

¡Jesús Cristo!