I cannot believe I am dropping everything I am doing to hop on here to post a link to a site I just discovered. Between last night’s post about WNTW and the breathless exclamation of the coolest fucking site ever ya’ll are going to start to think I am a TV and internet zombie. It’s not that, it’s just that this site is so different, so refreshing. I don’t want it to go by unnoticed just long enough for me to become attached only to have to close its virtual doors. I apologize for the f-bomb, but truth be told I use them all the time. I refrain when around the girls (most of the time) but once a tomboy in the scene shop, always a tomboy in the scene shop. Besides, every time I say “flipping” or “freaking” I just think:
We all know what I want to say and am not saying. Why bother?
It’s like drinking an O’Douls. C’mon, just grab a 7up or drink a beer.
This site, Babble is incredible. It’s a parenting site for those of us who don’t believe that creating a life meant we had to forsake being cool, swearing and having a sense of humor outside of Mickey’s one liners on the Mickey Mouse Playhouse. I feel like much less of a deviant in the parenting world knowing that there are other people who believe that Maisy is a poorly drawn, uninspired quasi-rodent who lulls our children into an unimaginative stupor with its inane “stories” which are really just 6 sentences spread over 8 pages amounting to nothing. Nothing I say! Thank you Shalom Auslander for calling Lucy Cousins out for the sham that she is.
So while I desperately love my girls, love being a mom, and believe that Santa, fairies and unicorns all exist somewhere, I am exceedingly grateful that I have found this little, trash talking oasis that allows me to have certain thoughts about certain things that don’t fall into the “perfect parent” category.