Isn’t it funny how things change? That title is exciting to me. Makes me think back to the trips to Lowe’s as a teenager and think, “Why didn’t I know enough to ask to get the radial arm saw?” Live and learn. Over the last month I have learned two things:
New siding makes a 100+ year old home a lot warmer
You cannot skimp on wreaths

Here are pictures of the new siding on our house, a wreath I purchased, and a wreath that was sent to us from Grandpa Green Duck Coat and Grandma Cindie.

First, our front door that isn’t our front door. The mailman told us to put the mailbox on this porch, being first time home owners I guess we thought the mailman knew more and had the right to tell us where to put it. Our real front door is on the other side of the corner. We could change it, but frankly it’s good cheap entertainment to order in…it’s a struggle for our house to be found. (I know, I know, I am an awful person and I am going to hell.)

One of two wreaths I purchased. The screen door is propped open because we are still waiting on the storm doors, which have already been picked out, paid for and dreamed about. The wreath looks cute, right?

The wreath the Eugene Grandparents sent.

The wreath they sent hanging on one of our doors.

And back to one of the wreaths I bought, which now just screams “weak Target bric a brac.”

As I said earlier, live and learn.