My First CAR

Rudolph’s Nose


Santa’s Suit



Sun (sometimes)


Moon (sometimes)




Many people can think of a certain word and by association then can come up with many thoughts and memories. Let’s talk about some of these as they relate to me. My first car, a shiny brand spankin’ new sports car. My dad was a sports car kind of man even though he had never owned one. He did many things in his life so that I could have and do more than he had. That car brings back memories of cruising the strip, waving at guys and even having guys give chase on occasion. I was already part of a group of people deemed “the popular” crowd but that car cemented my place in the popularity contest.

We all know the song of poor ol’ Rudolph and his Red nose so naturally when I think of things that are red, Rudolph is one of the folks I think of first. I look around right now in my living room and see not less than 5 Rudolph’s, all with that bright and shiny Red Nose. He was such a poor ol’ fella after all was he?

Santa’s Suit is obviously always red. Why is that you ask? Santa has been around in many fashions, a skinny guy that Kris Kringle and a not so skinny guy, an “overweight superhero” is the man I know now. Either way, find you a picture of Santa and just try to color his suit any color other than red…you simply can’t do it. It’s not natural.

Life itself in the form of blood…the same red as Santa’s clothes and Rudolph’s nose. When we think of blood, we almost always picture the red substance oozing out a cut or smeared everywhere on some bludgeoned freak show woman… Either way, blood is one of those ideas that the color red provokes. That leads me to Valentines. Valentines are about love and thus they too, along with Cupid’s skimpy outfit, are decorated with that color red.

By association, the color red also brings about ideas of passion, romance and even sex. We’ve all heard of people who claim to engage in red-hot sex. I think this particular set of thoughts has to do with the color of blood, the color of life, the color of love and thus romance.

Onward, red also conjures up thoughts of the blazing sun, the red moon, candles flickering a small red flame and even the idea in Greek Mythology that Mars is red.

Lastly, what does the color red mean to me? Especially at this time of year, with gift giving such a prominent part of society, I hear the color red and immediately I think of our bank account, which eternally exists…..IN.THE.RED.

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Jerri Ann