Can we all agree that there is something irresistible about children with freshly wet and combed hair? They become that much more edible. I had some alone time with Avery this morning after a…searching for the appropriate words night of many sleep interruptions.

9:1 “Eh-yoshun back, mommy?”
9:20 “No want it bed. No go mommy. No go.”
9:35 Wimpering (Briar)
9:40 Screaming (Briar)
9:50 Pleading (me)
9:55 Shouting (me)
10:00 Miserable weeping and whining (both of us)
10:15 Shredded cheese, peanut butter puffs and water (mostly her)
10:30 More “eh-yoshun back”
10:40 Negotiating (quiet for Me & My Gang in the AM, head down for open door)
10:42 Screaming (Briar)
10:45 Big Room chat about being quiet
10:50 Face massage (Cheap ploy of Briar’s, I fall for it every other time)
10:52 Head on pillow in big room
10:52:15 “Wenak? Dancing up with Mommy?”
10:52:30 Explanation of dancing being a before bedtime activity.
10:52:45 A demand for “wenak now”
10:52:47 Firm “No”
10:52:49 Cuddling and hair patting (Another 95% effective ploy)
10:54 Clinking from baseboard heater
10:54:15 Desperate plea to “Go in upstairs Briar’s bed, away no more heater banging”
10:55 “Eh-yoshun”less back rub
11:00 Quiet chattering
11:02 Silence
Brief period of productivity on downstairs computer.
12am’ish Bed
12:05 Wimpering (Briar)
12:06 Restlessness (Avery)
12:06:30 Panic (me)
12:07 Checked on Briar- crying in her sleep
12:15 I started to doze off
12:17 More crying.
12:25 Checked again- still sleeping and weeping
12:40 Almost back to sleep
12:45 Crying
12:46 Brought Briar to bed with me
12:47-1:05 Briar making sheet angels and kicking me in the face.
1:20 Sleeping, Briar using 7/8 of the bed, me mostly off the bed.
1-something Sean came home
2:00 Avery babbling.
2:02 Avery screeching, Briar rustling.
2:05 Took Briar to her bed, brought Avery and Sean back to bed.
2:05-3:30 5 minute on off nursing sessions with Avery.
6am Gleefully getting out of bed…sometimes it feels best to just stop trying.
By the time Sean came down to beg for relief and tell me Avery was playing a game of Mr. Potato Head on his face with her need-to-be-clipped-again fingernails I had the camera loaded.

I am choosing not to share Avery’s pictures with bed head. You only get to see that sort of thing in the flesh (Sean reminded me the other day of a solemn vow I made to never humiliate our children by sharing embarrassing photos.)Avery, puffy eyed like me this morning, is proving to be quite my little morning person angel. Briar…not so into the mornings, that one.

In the interest of trying to always balance the attention, toys, cuddle time, etc…a picture of both girls.

And closing with a bright eyed, pony-tailed Avery. She is perfection!