I discovered how to make it through a movie started after 8pm.

It’s a little thing called the complete obliteration of the world into which you have blithely brought two lives.

Al Gore. Who’d a thunk it?

We watched An Inconvenient Truth. Not having seen a movie in quite some time, unless you count the 20 minutes I saw of the Da Vinci Code the other night before passing out, I was excited to see this much ballyhooed movie. I don’t know if I was expecting an Imax type production on the lively spirits of angel fish, but about 7 minutes into it I felt as if I’d been sucker punched. I seriously didn’t know if I was going to make it through, the information was so densely disheartening.

Luckily, our cat started gagging and clucking halfway through (I don’t think it was the movie, but I certainly felt like retching.) Sean paused the movie and went to the kitchen and I asked if the cat had indeed vomited. “Yup,” he said. “It came out like a party favor.” (He who finds it, cleans it.) As he dry heaved and swabbed the floor I said, “Any chance Al’s going to tell us what the fuck we can do to fix things?” He snorted, I can’t be sure if it was for what I said or the vomit.

Al painted a pretty bleak picture. When he talked about people going from denial to despair I was nodding. Yup. More emphatic nodding. I definitely just went from unaware to without hope. Thanks.

He came around in the end and I definitely feel somewhat better, as if I might have a tiny window of opportunity for helping to turn things around. I won’t deny that I liked life better 4 hours ago when the biggest thing on my mind was how to handle the logistics of getting our car tuned up and taking the screen off our storm door before the cat destroyed it with his jungle climbing “let me in” antics.

Nobody wants to listen to a zealot ranting about how to avert disaster or damnation, but come on folks, lets turn out some lights, park some cars and start thinking about how it may not be so nuts to run cars on corn.