Oooh, oh no. Mommy toe broken. Is toe. Is brokend.
This in response to seeing that the red polish had come off of my pinky toe.

Sleeping Dooty.
Nothing fancy, just Sleeping Beauty. However when she says it as she tries to use the toilet*, it adds a whole other wonderful dimension.

I frowed a big one.
A delicate reference to a BM on the toilet*.

Why, Macaroni and Cheese of course…
What would you like for dinner? Nacro please mommy.

*Yes, I am typing toilet, but what I am saying in my head is, “potty.” We are still tip toeing into the realm of body and bathroom language. Sure, Briar knows some words. She in fact said the gasp ef word the other day after I dropped the same piece of chicken three times (it’s a gift, really). We made it through.
But bathroom language, well it’s another post entirely- toilet/potty, poo/big one, pee/peepee it almost seems easier to just take the Smurf route and talk about goin’ potty on the potty.
And penis and vagina? Let’s just say that what seems straight forward and natural, isn’t. I don’t know the last time I said vagina. 2 pregancies and2 natural deliveries, 33 years. I think I can count on one hand how many times I have said it and still be able to snap my fingers. My dear, sweet husband, he is trying. And I love him so very much for it. But you know what? The reality is I never would have married someone who was super comfortable saying, “Vagina.” Just weird if you ask me. And on that truly, “Oh my god I so didn’t want to read that,” note I’ll sign off.