I am forecasting a trend. So I’d just like to apologize in advance. I’m not usually so full of myself. It’s about the Belly♥bar™ contest. I cannot seem to stop basking in the glory that is being a winner. I realize that it’s entirely possible that there was some sort of virtual snafu that prevented all the entries from being received, or that there was a winner for every area and that my entry was the only entry from the Adirondacks, but neither does anything to diminsh my all encompassing elation at standing on a figurative winner’s podium in my head, a warm breeze gentling flowing through my unfrizzy, hair which frames clear, tawny skin. (Stick with me, in my head my hair and make up are always flawless. And my legs area always shaved. Never a mysterious smudge on my clothing. Matching socks…you get the idea.)

Leslie called yesterday.

She wanted to know if Saratoga Springs and Saratoga were one and the same.

“Yes, it’s the same place.”

“Ok, great. I’m in California so I wasn’t sure. There is an Aveda spa on Broadway. Would that be alright?”

The only thing better would be an Aveda Spa with its own Starbucks,
and Bradley Whitford slinging espressos for me.

Heck, having Mrs. Whitford there wouldn’t diminsh my delight a bit.

It’s funny. I felt an immediate kinship with Leslie. Maybe it’s because she graduated from Scripps College and the Claremont colleges are so familiar to me with my Grandfather living nearby. Maybe it’s her obvious commitment to women’s health. Or maybe it has something to do with the words:

“You’ll have up to 250 dollars to spend at the spa.”

Yeah, as I think about it, it must be the Claremont connection.