I blew it. At least I think I did, if I already shared this please forgive a suddenly up at 3 in the morning 4 nights in a row mom’s brain. Ladies and gentlemen, it happened. On Sunday, December 31st, Avery Adams Magee spoke her first real word.


Yes, indeedy. Daddy. I walked into the dining room and the three of them were giggling and saying,”Daddy, daddy, daddy.”(Sean with “that was my daughter” tears in his eyes.)

I paused in the doorway, Sean looked back at me with a mixture of pride and guilt. “She did it. She said, Daddy.” He beamed.

I looked at Avery, then at Briar and I felt their presence in my heart. As corny as it may sound I saw all the months we’ve lived since Briar said that very word while Sean held her in his arms. I remembered telling Sean one morning while we were camping that we were going to have another baby. I felt all those months of wondering about the person inside of me. My reverie was broken as Briar squealed, “Daw-Dee” which Avery quickly followed with a slightly less clear, but no less vigorous, “Dah-day.” Sean put his fist over his mouth as he quietly snickered.

There was much ado when Briar said it and I remember being a bit stung. This time around it feels so right. I have had the profound gift of being able to carry these two girls inside of me and then feed them from my body. A natural and inpenetrable bond. This milestone seems to punctuate forever the journey from pregnancy and delivery to family.

“We’re pregnant.”


I love my girls. I love their dad. I love my family.