Ok, I can’t do straight soapbox rants.
I have to throw a little something in. A twist. A spritz. A Spitzer.
Eliot Spitzer. From day one (New Yorkers’ll get that) his campaign for Governor had me on pins and needles. Stark black and white ads on tv, powerful print messaging. And yes, those eyes. He just seemed so honest, so sincere, so driven. Hero like. A really cute in a normal way hero. I thought maybe it was just me, so when the ads came on I worked hard to keep my mouth closed, tried not to look as if I were swooning.
Standing up for what’s right.
Making tough decisions.
Crusading for fairness.
Yesterday I was cruising along conducting my usual high brow current events catch up… Perez, Celebrity Moms, and Page 6 etc, when I saw something that absolutely delighted me. And now, with a defiant set of my stubborn chin, I say, “Ha! I was not alone!”

Read on.