I have decided my two favorite things right now are:

Avery giving kisses. She knows her name and the word kiss, so I say,
“Avery, das my Avery? Avery give mama kiss.”(Totally teaching her to speak like english is her second language. Yeah, go mom.)

Her eyes get really big, she opens her mouth wide (Like fit a marshmallow in her little mouth big.) and then leans in. Her mouth opens so wide sometimes that she actually covers my entire mouth with hers. Then she stops. She just looks at me, slowly blinking and holding me in an open mouth to closed mouth kiss. It’s he best I tell ya.

Second favorite thing? Briar saying:

“Oh, thank you so very much, mom! Thank you so much!”

When she says it she squints her eyes and tilts her head for emphasis. It is perhaps the cutest precocious quirk I have ever seen. I was gushing about it to Sean.

“And then she tilts her little head.”

“She gets that from you.”

“What do you mean?”

Sean pops his head around the corner, looks at me and then bends at the kness, cocks his head to one side and says,

“Oh thank you, so much Briar!” Echoing the emphatic Briar with a rah rah cheerleader type clap on his thighs all with his eyes squinted shut.


“Oh. Thank! You! So! Much! Briar!”