I’ll spare you the leaving the house trauma (late, house a wreck, dropping crap en route to the car while the family looked on, etc etc) and just say that we drove to visit our dear friend Deb in Pownal, Vermont today. Poor Briar was confused because we have several Debs in our life.
There is Debbie from work who she sees or speaks to on an almost daily basis.
Then there is Auntie Debbie who is her Nana’s sister, and who we have seen mostly at the hospital visiting Mimi.
And then there is Deb who has come to visit us, and we her, and who’s “rabbit” Briar fell madly in love with a year ago.

“We’re going to see Deb.”

“Ooh, yeah, goin’ seein’ Debbie at Mommy’s office. Say hi Debbie.”

“No honey, we are going to see Deb. Remember Deb and the furry book?”

“Debbie’n Nana. See at hospital. See Mimi sleepin’.”

“No, sweetie, Deb with the rabbit at her house.”

“Debbie in’a closet?”


“Goin’ seein’ Debbie at Mommy’s office.”

“No honey, we’re going on a drive by the mountain and we’ll see Deb.”



“Debbie. Debbie. Goin’ and seein’ Debbie at…by the mountain.”

“That’s right, by the mountain. And it’s Deb, but I bet she’ll let you call her Debbie.”

And let her she did. We arrived with flowers and Briar quickly bonded with Deb(bie) as she shared her flowers and what may be the largest strawberry I have ever seen (you’ll see the strawberry through several photos.)

A little background on this last shot. We walked down to the river after lunch. Along the way we passed a set of train tracks, which Briar actually walked on
(Ok, are you getting this? Vermont, big red barn, strawberries the size of your hand, a river, train tracks, 65 degrees in January, it was nothing short of a story book Saturday.)
By the tracks Deb found a big old rusty railroad track nail. And then another. And then another. I offered to carry some for us to keep. They are so cool. I have no idea what I’ll do with them. For now I just think they look kinda cute in my backpocket, kind of like little ducks or something. I know, I’m weird.