Thank you McDondalds of Greenwich.

Thank you for the much needed restroom. (Yes, I did buy something in exchange for using it even though your very layout begs to be used as a well lit and heated rest stop.

Thank you for the absurd exchange at the counter:

“A small coffee please.”

Blank stare.

“A sum-bore what?”

Startled look.

“A small coffee please?”

Blink. Blink.

“A small coffee? Oh. S’kay, sorry. Green’n tooger?”

Confusion. Translation.

“Oh, yes. No. Thanks.”

Blink. Blink.

“So, yu’done wannit green’n tooger?”

Head shake.

“No, but thanks.”


“Whundirtyate to you.”

“Umm, ok. Oh, ah, 2 bucks cover it?”

“Sid-toos’yer change.”


“Have’a nyzday n’hap-new-ear.”

“You too.”

And thank you for the Reliant in the parking lot with the morbidly obese man and woman who were weaving through the parking lot until they stopped at a pole.

“Do they think that’s the drive thru?” I asked Sean.

“Nope, they just didn’t want to get out of their car to dump their trash.” He reported as they pitched drive thru garbage into a garbage can out their window.

“Good grief. That is so lazy.” I said as we drove away.

As we started out of the parking lot Sean said,

“Oh no.”

I turned and saw the Reliant pulling up to the drive thru window. Guess they needed to make room for more transfat, Micky D death nibbles.

But most of all McDonalds of Greenwich, thank you for this:

Happy New Year.