In a bid to achieve sheer irrelevance (witty and subtle play on words, subtle only if you don’t, like I just did, point it out) , a post of what is most likely of no value to anyone but myself, I give to you, the dresses.

Option A: A flirty twist on the little black dress.

Option B: Different without being too out there.

So there you have it folks. My greatest dilemma* currently, which frock shall I wear?

*That’s a total load of crap, I have some huge worries, but come on, sometimes you just have to give it over to the universe and let yourself sweat the small stuff. But seriously, about those big worries: what am I going to do about shoes? And my hair? My hair people, it’s, umm, can hair be dry and oily and poofy and flat at the same time? No, you say? Come take a peektake my word for it, the pictures would scare you.

The dresses will be arriving in 5-8 business days. The event is in 2 weeks and 2 days. I’ll keep you posted. Who knows, maybe I’ll book that spa day?