6 Weird Things About Me MEME courtesy of Amalah

(And I must warn you that this first one makes Sean cringe. He thinks it is beyond gross, he who says “burp” as he burps.)

#1 I make spit bubbles for the girls. We slowly chant mom as we open our mouths to make large, Sydney Opera House spit bubbles between our lips. I think if I had boys it would probably be the equivalent of arm farts, but I have girls, so we blow bubbles.

#2 I love to vacuum. I love it. I love it like some people like taking fragrant bubble baths by candle light. I love it like some people love chocolate.

#3 Sometimes when I am pumping and because of stress or other factors I cannot start the let down I will beebop singing either Move Along by All American Rejects or They Might Be Giants Istanbul (not Constantinople). For whatever reason, it works.

#4 I have no problem with people drinking from a milk jug but am horrified by drinking wine from anything but a wine glass.

#5 I burn out light bulbs. No joke, I can turn on a light, lifting the switch ever so gently and POOF burnt out. Same thing with twisting in new ones. Twist, twist, flip BOOM. It’s not quite Drew Barrymore in Firestarter, but it’s definitely some kind of bizarre.

#6 The sound of a cotton ball being pulled apart makes me itch and twicth with all the intensity and panic of a person covered with creepy crawly biting things.

Perhaps someone could start a 6 Normal Things About Me MEME so that we wouldn’t all look like such nutballs.